My interest in quantum physics and vibrational energy influenced my series of paintings I call the vibratory field. They are works that delve into the particles which make up the physical matter in which we live and work under, where fractals, neutrons and protons and electrons exist in their vibratory non-static state. Although the genesis for the artwork came from a less analytical beginning of letting go, the outcome was extraordinarily engaging. The hills and valleys remind people of my photography work, and others have related the landscapes as a painting of the vibration of particle resonance. As the title implies, it is more nebulous and more about feeling of bliss and ecstasy, something that is so rare in our every day experience.

How the series began…

The Meadow was an accident; it was not pre-meditated and conceived of prior to approaching the canvas. I had put on several colours that didn’t seem to match, but only to provide some texture to the artwork. It remained as such for nearly three weeks. I just kept looking at it and wondering what it wanted to be? A flower? A landscape? Pure abstraction? Straight lines or curved? Then a few nights ago I said, I’ll just keep making marks, and if I don’t like it. I’ll start over again. And so, I kept making marks, and thinking about the colours on what would go good next. No fear. Just layer it. Suddenly, the words “A child could do that!” popped into my mind, and so I said. Yes, a child could do this and smiled. I took the painting and put it up against the wall (I paint on a flat surface). I said to it. I like it!

The Meadow, 2015, Acrylic on canvas, 125 x 125 cm, ON LEASE.

I posted the nearly finished version onto my facebook and asked for opinions on the title. It was upside down from what you see here. I decided to flip the painting and behold, I liked it more. Idea on the title ranged from fire in the sky, ducks in a lake, Seurat’s Sunday in the Park, to Van Gogh on acid. A very creative group of friends I have!

Placing the artwork at a distance, I looked at it more intently, and I felt the blossoming of the earth through flowers and a wonderful blue sky. Very bright and colourful. And sure enough, someone came through with the description: I see a nice landscape, someone resting in a colourful bed of flowers, a blue sky, a warm sunny afternoon, birds flying freely… We saw the same thing at the same time. ‘The Meadow’ was the right title to this painting.


NOTE: This series is available for Art Leasing