Le tourbillon de la vie Series

After an unsettling few months during recovery from a dog bite and drawing only on paper and smaller works, I finally came back to painting onto a large canvas. Drawing upon the work from Ode to New York, the paintings that surfaced became a mixture of bold and thick brushstrokes combined with drip marks. The title is Le tourbillon de la vie, which translates to the whirlwind of life, describes perfectly the way I am feeling.

NOTE: This series is available for Art Leasing

Ode to New York

Ode to New York are two artworks that are inspired from a short visit in 2016, a place I had not visited in over 15 years. The city left me energised and excited to return back to my own studio and canvas, to explore and reveal to me, territories of painting and investigation that I had previously missed. The multitude of galleries I visited were plenty, yet I seemingly extracted valuable components from the visit. The two paintings was done immediately upon my return to Hong Kong.