I was invited to attend a doodling event organised by friends of mine called ‘Give-a-doodle’, whereby all doodles created during the social would eventually be sold for HK$80 each for charity of the organiser’s choosing when 1000 doodles were collected. The idea first began in Johannesburg (http://1000drawings.org/).

I drew three A5 drawings at the event (No. 1-3), all of which was created using 0.5 uni-pens and card paper that I had purchased specifically for the event. Previously I had done my doodles on A4 paper, but found the experience of drawing on A5 a hugely enjoyable experience. The doodles down came quicker and filled up the page within several minutes.

Since the first doodle at the event, I have continued on with my A5 doodling on my own. My plan is to create 999 doodles for the Mishmash collection (the first 3 are already with the organisers) and to turn it into an A5 book.

To see some of the doodling in time-lapse action, please visit my instagram, ID: normyip