Fine Art & Experimental Photography

The job of categorizing my photography, for the longest time, has been a very difficult one. I work purely on the intuitive and for whatever comes to me as something visually stimulating. I have not been drawn to photographing nature as much, feeling that the genre is too common and too inundated with images by people around the world. What I realize now is that I do have a small collection of images that I find valuable and intriguing, and only through time that I can begin to appreciate what I was collecting. I believe that the intellectual discourse or understanding of what compels me to shoot should not be guiding the imagery of when to press the shutter. It is better to let that come later, perhaps years later. Therefore, the sections below are simple taxonomy. I could have separated or divided it into colour versus black and white, or by realism or abstraction. It is in essence not important at this time.