Art Exhibition & Art Performance

Over, Under, Over, Under by Bowie Lee
What makes a map a map? Bowie Lee’s work ”Over, Under, Over, Under” navigates, mediates and reinterprets our physical movements in a city. Seeing maps as a conventional tool for locating ourselves, experiencing our landscape in an aerial manner, has created an alienation from the spaces we live in, the plane of Earth’s surface.

Reclaiming spaces for self by getting lost in society and making connections with people is the metaphor in her map-weaving practice, the mediation between our existence and landscape art. Her film and audio works documenting the creation and destruction of this and other works, as well as an installation traversing Creative Kowloon’s main space, will be on view to the public 10am-6pm Saturday 14th March

Offerings by Yip Fung | 葉灃
葉灃 Yip Fung’s “Offerings” exhibition and performance. The practices and rituals of Hong Kong, his native North America, and ephemeral works of Tibet have inspired Yip Fung to enact an event called OFFERINGS. The intention is to give back something to nature, a transference of energy from art that he has created, to the sky via the alchemical nature of fire, wood/paper and oxygen.

As a reaction to the coronavirus outbreak, Yip Fung created paintings of red fluid both streaming across and soaking into the surface of the material to form its fractal patterns. The works will be exhibited then incinerated on Creative Kowloon’s rooftop space at 3pm.

Physical Location
CreativeKowloon space and rooftop, 179-181 Ki Lung St, 9/F, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Virtual Location
Creativekowloon’s Live Stream

Date & Time
10am – 6pm, Sat 14th March, other times by appointment
3pm: Yip Fung’s performance

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NB: Out of consideration for others, please wear a mask. We will have free single-use masks available for guests