Norm Yip’s body of work is comprised of work created over two decades of continual exploration in the creative mind. The cathartic moment began several years after moving from Canada to Hong Kong, deciding to leave his career as an architect to pursue his interest in photography and the visual arts. Inspired by opposing forces of chaos versus order and light versus darkness, his approach is in constant flux.

This is my newest and latest series entitled Arcadia, inspired by my own abstract artworks from The Vibratory Field, The Lemuria Series, and the addition of the sphere or object that interrupts the space. 

Arcadia No. 5 (Blue Planet II), 2021

UltraColour Trees
A reinterpretation of the magnificent trees that exist in the natural landscape of Hong Kong through the use of photographic gradient manipulation. 

Kowloon Park Tree in BrownBlue

The sudden spread of the coronavirus and countless deaths in Wuhan sent shock waves of fear to the world.

The Asian Male Project
Asian men become objects-of-art, extolling their faces and bodies through the sensitive eyes of photographer Norm Yip.
Hong Kong’s transportation and information systems become the generator of visual excitement for a series of large-scale paintings.

The Vibratory Field
Digital artwork in the form of an NFT created from a painting first created in 2016.

The meshing of two visuals: one of the male human body and the other of luscious flowers combining to create visual delight.

Floral MintBlossom

Milk drenched over the the lean sensual body of Derek has become nearly iconic for it’s fresh and decisive moment. Unmatched even by myself.

NORM YIP, Milkboy, 2008

The Lorry
A quiet secluded lorry in Quarry Bay bathed in blue paint while a yellow light penetrates the space from the open door.

The Vibratory Field
Dark matter, energy fields, and magnetism are sources of inspiration for the mesmerizing Vibratory Field paintings.

Ode to New York
Ode to New York are two artworks that are inspired from a short visit in 2016, a place I had not visited in over 15 years.

Fine art paintings by Norm Yip

Morpheus’ Hand
The bending of space and form through the manipulation of light in association with time.

Graphite | Embryo
Enigmatic graphite drawings created during a time of great duress where one needed to isolate through meditative creative work.

Lemuria Series
Lemuria, a mythical continent that the Indian ocean becomes the source of imagination and inspiration for this series of vibrant energized paintings.

Plover Cove County Park
A luscious forest in the outskirt of Hong Kong delivers the natural majesty of trees, water, and foliage.

Dekonstrukt Series
A cast of a strong light source, wooden frames, and a scrim are the necessary ingredients to creating abstract shapes of ambiguity and visual pleasure.

Abstract photography by Norm Yip

Imprint – Shells
Imprints on the face of a shell become scrutinized under a high-resolution scan, thereby creating a visual stamp of its identity that is unique to each individual on the planet.