Metrowire paintings by Norm Yip

Metrowire, No. 1, 2020 at Harbourside HQ, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Art Commissions

Are you looking for a particular artwork that you see in my repertoire of styles that you like, but have a preference for a larger or smaller size, or a different color palette? If so, then this section is the right place for commissioning Norm Yip to create an artwork to your specifications or design parameters. There are some design limitations, but the design styles listed below are suitable for commissioned artworks.

Design Process

  • Preliminary showcase/discussion of working styles.
  • The client decides on one particular style.
  • Choosing a colour palette based on discussions.
  • Preliminary presentation of ‘designs’ that are either sketched or computer-generated and wait for comments.
  • Approval of the designs for production with room for colour variations.
  • Begin working on artwork with photo updates of the work in progress.
  • At approximately 80% completion, a request for the client/manager to view actual the artwork in the studio.
  • Accommodate any minor changes to colours.
  • Upon approval of the final design, isolation coat and varnish is applied.
  • Arrange for delivery and installation of the artwork.

Design Styles Suitable for Commissioned Artworks

Urban Geometry
The Vibratory Field

Window Series