The Vibratory Field


From silence, there is vibration, becoming sound. The hum of the dark matter. What was once nothing becomes known, and possibly, if we are patient, a pulse. Life begins… the act of creation is within us, hidden within the fingertips and in our breath. It dwells within us, like a seed thirsting for water, earth and light, to mother it into being. There exists the soul of the painting, whether it be on canvas, a piece of cardboard, or a composition. I have investigated the means by which the gods have allowed me, speaking in ways that are not of the earth, but of the universe.

My interest in quantum physics and vibrational energy influenced my series of paintings I call the vibratory field. They are works that delve into the particles which make up the physical matter in which we live and work under, where fractals, neutrons and protons and electrons exist in their vibratory non-static state. Although the genesis for the artwork came from a less analytical beginning of letting go, the outcome was extraordinarily engaging. The hills and valleys remind people of my photography work, and others have related the landscapes as a painting of the vibration of particle resonance. As the title implies, it is more nebulous and more about feeling of bliss and ecstasy, something that is so rare in our every day experience.