The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, 3-6 May 2018. Norm Yip – Booth 87.

Just some of the many people that came by my booth at the art fair! So many fascinating conversations where people completely understood where I was coming from with my artwork. On the surface, it could simply be mark-making, gestures, depth and colour palettes, but on a deeper level, it related to life and the struggles of finding my way. They understood tension, release, freedom, confinement, pain, sorrow and more from the artwork. They understood the language of painting and the nuances embedded in the brushstrokes. I was in awe of their empathy and excitement. Their eyes were literally lit up as they turned to my works. I don’t think in all my years I have ever had such an engaged audience. One lady complimented me on my willingness to allow my inner feelings to be projected into my painting, an artwork that she thought was deeply beautiful and emotional. These people came from all walks of life. It was wonderful to see that my work could touch people’s curiosity and generate genuine imagination in their minds without prejudice nor any political bent.