Energy | White Noise

The energy and white noise drawings are intense, organic creations of an immediate and direct nature. They are drawn using lead pencils, a material that for most of us, have become closely associated with at a very early age during childhood. Being so, it is imbued with our first markings onto paper, thereby creating one of our earliest associations or foundations to using our hands and fingers to communicate through drawings. The energy or white noise drawings are essentially the same, using trance music to facilitate the process of drawing from a higher consciousness.

I only draw these drawings in the evening in the comforts of my studio. Lights are turned off with the exception of where my table is situated. I will play selective trance songs to enter into a semi-meditative state and start the actual drawing when the feeling is ‘right’. When that moment reaches, my fingers release and the drawings starts. In the he first few minutes, the drawings appear uncontrolled, but there is a rhythm and an order within the motion. Eventually the drawing starts to take form as something begins to appear like a web or matrix. The music is the guide, as the artwork is somehow ‘channeled’ into my fingers and hands. I try as much to let it happen as it is without intervention on my part.