The Asian Male – 3.AM
Photography by Norm Yip

Hardcover edition with Jacket 100 pages on 170gsm Art Matt Paper The 3rd edition will showcase the best photographs of guys in the past 7 years. The majority of the images are in black and white and shot mostly in my Hong Kong studio. The ethnic range includes Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Malay, Japanese, Cambodian and Chinese. Bodies range from the super masculine and hard bodied men such as Vietnamese Jeremy Tang, to the softer and lyrical body of Nono, a young and exceptionally photogenic Filipino. Then there is Malaysian-Chinese Derek Chong, who I photographed several times both nude and with fashion accessories.

The images celebrate and bring to the forefront the beauty of Asian men in a erotic and sensuous way. There are semi-nudes to nudes in this book, but it is all photographed in a sensitive and sensual way. The men that appear come from all areas of life, including financial advisors, dancers and performers, professional models and more.

ISBN: 978-9889825966


Beaux V1 – Vanity Issue

Following up on the success of his previous project, the Asian Male, Hong Kong based photographer Norm Yip has announced the release of beaux. With the theme VANITY, the first issue of beaux features over 60 photographs of models from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, the USA, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Already available in all newsstands and major book retailers in Yip s native Hong Kong, beaux magazine aims to bridge a gap between the increasing awareness of the Asian male as an accepted new standard of beauty and the dearth of material paying homage to this subject.


The Asian Male – 1.AM
Photography by Norm Yip

The Asian Male is Norm Yip s first publication featuring a stunning collection of male images that were taken over a period of five years from 1999 -2004. With models from Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, the men that appear in this volume will mark a new beginning to Asian male photography. From the sensuous and erotic to pensive and poetic, Norm captures a mysterious beauty that is beyond the surface. Lean to muscular physiques grace the pages of this inaugural photography book. The book contains 40 selected images in both colour and black and white prints. Measuring 9” x 12” , the book is a hard-cover edition using 250 gsm fine art matt paper stock. Enthusiasts for fine art photography will appreciate the exceptional printing quality of this volume, making this a perfect coffee table book and ideal collector’s item.

ISBN 988 98259 1 0

NOTE: This book is currently out of print from the publisher; however used copies are still available from Amazon.
The Asian Male – 1.AM Available on Amazon

The Asian Male – 2.AM
Photography by Norm Yip

Speak to any portrait photographer or artist and you will find that at one point in time, the quest for truth, meaning and beauty arises. Norm Yip is one such person on that quest. Through the medium of photography and his passion for the human body and face, he has managed to capture the essence and spirit of Asian men in an unadorned, meaningful fashion. With a keen eye for light and shadow and a preference for black and white photography, Norm stand as one of the Asia’s pre-eminent photographers in the field of the fine art male photography. Chinese, Malaysian, Filipino, Japanese, Nepalese and Pakistani men from the world over are featured in The Asian Male – 2.AM. From the ripped bodybuilder to the lean and svelte, Yip is able to extract a hidden and mysterious beauty that goes under the skin and beyond the facade.

ISBN 988 98259 2 8

NOTE: This book is currently out of print from the publisher; however used copies are still available from Amazon.
The Asian Male – 2.AM Available on Amazon