Some of you know that I have been following NHS’s Couch to 5K. Well last night I completed the programme. I didn’t post a week by week run-down, but left it to the finish, if in fact I could finish it. I couldn’t jog without going out of breath for more than a few minutes before I started. I went from 82kg to 76kg. I still have more to go as I can still pinch more than an inch of fat from my waistline.

My post on completing the program is here. Yes, I am ‘waterabbit’:…/completed-the-programme

To download the podcast on Apple:…/nhs-couch-to-5k/id394384987

For anyone that hates the idea of jogging but wants to start for all the right reasons, this is a very good programme. I highly recommend it.


Norm Yip finishing NHS C25K