UltraColour Trees

Trees. They are so commonplace in their natural environment, standing erect reaching both above into the sky and below into the Earth. I was in Tai Po when I notice the canopy above, with its filigree of branches and leaves, and blue sky peeking through from behind. The shapes and colour formed a noticeable pattern of randomness, which we now know as fractals. They are patterns of nature and the universe itself. I marvelled at the beauty for a few moments and took several images, trying to find a pattern or composition that was as natural and random as what I had found. That first outing years ago has never been repeated, but my inkling to find such marvellous trees and canopies have not eased. Throughout the years, I have arched my neck high to see if such patterns of natural beauty exist while walking in the parks of Hong Kong.

Limited Edition Prints

All images shown here are available as signed limited edition prints using high quality art paper such such as Hahnemühle, Ilford or Canon, depending on availability and size. Please contact me for details.