Big Wave Bay

I remember the reason why I bought my first Holga. It was not because of the fact that is used film, nor was it because it has light leak (which I don’t like that actually). It was not because Holga, Lomos, and Dianas were or (or are) the fad and trend and was low tech, made of cheap plastic. It was because of something else. It was because it was the least expensive camera I could buy to shoot in a square format for my client.

Below is a shoot taken from a day spend in Big Wave Bay with a favourite model Derek. The photograph has an aura of nostalgia, it’s colors are saturated, and the images somewhat unclear, due to the fact that the lens itself is plastic and not of high quality material. Yet, I surrender to the mystical nature of the resulting image.

Note: The year in which these were taken is uncertain, as it was too long ago, and there was no record on the negatives. It is probably around the year of 2007 or 2008.

Limited Edition Prints

All images shown here are available as signed limited edition prints using high quality art paper such such as Hahnemühle, Ilford or Canon, depending on availability and size. Please contact me for details.