Imprints – Shells

In 2016, during a seafood dinner with several friends, I collected four of the best shells from our friendly feast and decided to create scans from each and then an inversion. Each shell was unique in its own way, much like the fingerprints that we all have. Each person on living on this earth has a different one, much like every person’s eyes where no two are identical. Or so that is what they say.


Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition prints may be ordered directly through me. Please contact me with your desired print and size and I will forward you the current edition that is available. Please note that the price noted here are only for prints, which includes International shipping to anywhere in the world. If you require framing, additional charges and shipping costs apply.

All Numbers
Size Edition Price (US$)
  12 x 12″ 50 $750
  18 x 18″ 30 $1,100
  24 x 24″ 20 $1,850
  30 x 30″ 10 $2,125
  39 x 39″ 5 $2,950