Plover Cove Country

21 December 2020. As many were enthralled by the winter solstice yesterday and the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, my friend and I took a short hike to the Plover Country Park. It was early afternoon as the sun was still above, but the light would soon fade. Along the way, there was no shortage of other avid photographer and very good plein air artists.

These are a few of the photographs that I took along the way, although it was not meant to be any kind of assignment. I tend not to like photographs that are ‘as they are’ in nature, and I do like post production elements, including desaturation, burning and dodging, and for the first time, vibrance (which I normally abhor with portraits).

Limited Edition Prints

All images shown here are available as signed limited edition prints using high quality art paper such such as Hahnemühle, Ilford or Canon, depending on availability and size. Please contact me for details.