My work as an artist started in 1999. It was a very pivotal time for me, making a shift from well-paid architect to painting and photographing in a studio with several friends. It marked an entry into the world of art. I continued to have numerous exhibitions in three areas: painting, graphite drawings and photography.

The first medium I approached was pencil and paper, drawing upon my training during my years working as an architect and working with simple geometric and universal forms such as circles and squares. This work was the most meditative and serene, yet equally the most conceptual and intellectually stimulating.

My work in photography concentrated on investigating the physical nature of the body and portraits using Asian men as my choice subject matter. I had been captivated by early photographers such as Herb Ritts, whose work embodied Western men with such beauty and grace. In my own investigations, I believe that nude portraiture the most compelling, where I have the task of capturing their essence and soul while undressed. I have self-published 4 photography books on the Asian male nude.

Painting to me is the most difficult medium to master; it is the most challenging of all three. For many years I struggled with the medium, and never really found a language that felt right to me. I wanted to do something extraordinary that would not rely on being clever or political. I wanted the work to be aesthetically beautiful, a concept that has for a long time been rejected for years in high art circles. In my latest works, I have found something that is unique to my own in a series I call The Vibratory Field. It pulsates. It breathes and moves.

The work that I present on this website is what I believe is becoming a fuller picture or story of me. I am only following the whispers in my head and for many people, they cannot keep up to what I am doing. One moment, I’m painting. The next moment. I am shooting. I don’t have a schedule that I go by. Weeks and nights become a string of unique instances that blend into the next. I am interested in creation, the making of something from nothing. It can be the most frightening thing to do, yet the most rewarding.

— Norm Yip | 葉灃